How to choose a domain name

This may sound simple, but the choice of your domain name can bring as many pitfalls with it as any of the other available possibilities. Various alternatives are available to you , with their advantages and disadvantages. Your SEO specialist ( here link to the page dedicated seo ) explains everything here.

1. Create your domain name piece by piece

You have probably not chosen the name of your business by chance. This name is the result of reflection, it best communicates the message sent to your customers by taking a place in their imagination and memory. The process for choosing your web address should be similar.

Use your established brand name

The first and most obvious option is to take the name of your brand for your web address. However, depending on your geographic target, marketing scope, and if your name is rather short, it is sometimes best to do the same with your SEO .

The name of your brand has several words

In any case and this one in particular, avoid if possible hyphens and numbers in your root URL . They will not penalise your SEO but statistically confuse some of your clients, who less effectively memorise your address. Moreover, these hyphens will unnecessarily lengthen the url of your pages, which in many cases have themselves several words and hyphens to connect, which can become a liability for the assessment of these pages by google spiders.

The name of your brand is short

If your brand name is short and enjoys a certain recognition ( this results in a high number of searches in google branding, and perhaps suggested appearance in the engine ), bravo to you! But your field might also know competition : you aim just as much for the results related to google keywords or specific to a geographical region. In this case, the following should interest you :

Your brand + keyword

In all cases, humans reading is always better then the best of robots . Before everything else, your address should be easy to write. Keep it short . You can target a keyword or geographic area – if your commercial target is local – by adding it to your name if it is brief or short. Choose the appropriate domain name extension.

Not all domain extensions are equal

I venture a confidence: what google says and does is not always consistent . The official line is that the extension does not affect SEO. In fact, this is far from being the case. Like the plague, run away from exotic extensions – for example, .biz type. If your customers are found only in Switzerland, the solution is simple : take a .ch address.

Beware of over-optimisation

It may be that you choose a domain name that does not have a brand name but only an basic expression you are aiming for. And there, a red flashing light can go off (since Homer Simpson can be certain that they never announce anything good ). Watch for changes in Google algorithms: a name – optimised for a particular search – exact match domain – can risk to lose allot and principally produce the opposite effect to the search results. There is also the possibility that you will not be the first person with a not so bright idea and that the address has already existed before, lived and been penalised in the past. To discover more, read on.

2. Buy an old or expired address

Older or expired domain names can be excellent starting blocks for your google positioning under certain conditions.

Difference between an older and expired adress

An expired domain name is an abandoned address that is no longer online. Anyone can buy it at the same price as a new address.

An older domain is an address that is always online and you can buy it from the owner, or online auction. The domain name is then transferred to your account.

Older domain names are much more expensive than the expired domains – and in many cases over-valued in the opinion of the author of this text. However, the rare pearls of great value exist; although there are as many pitfalls as there are competition.

What’s interesting about older or expired domains

Provided they coincide with your activity, these web addresses can be interesting because of their network of backlinks – both existing and current for older sites or still present despite the disappearance of the site of expired domains.

How to know which activity is related to these adresses

It is often hazardous to assume activity by simply reading an address. The safest thing is to go on waybackmachine and to make a historical research to verify the address. This also applies if you want to know if the new address that you create has not existed before.

Avoid pitfalls

The address corresponds to your domain. However do not shout “Eureka” too fast! Many domain names are corrupt. To verify these domain names, I can not advise you on-line tools, their results being far too easy to manipulate. Never trust the online services that sell these domains, their results are not always valid, far from it.

The shortest way and your first instinct should be to search the domain name in google. There are signs that do not lie : if the links do not seem legitimate to you or if you see anchors repeatedly, thousands of links, comments only, Chinese websites or whois test or other testing sites, run away quickly without looking back ! It would be best to confirm your choice by an expert. can help you!

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Michel Goffard

Michel Goffard

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