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My Image Concept offers optimisation and SEO performance quality in line with your creative web content – in order to raise the potential conciliating synergies of communication and positioning in the google results .

Highly competitive SEO

Sustainable performance for increased visibility and traffic is the specialty of MIC. Highly competitive domain names are their passion. In Switzerland or anywhere in the world , MIC will lead in this battle for you. Whether in a local, national or international niche, there is always a way to optimising the semantics of your site and its network.

Site Optimisation

On-site optimisation refers to the process of making your website appeal to both search engines and users.
The optimisation of the semantics of your code is related to the value of your content. Your first contact will be to humans, but google spiders understand you better than ever before.

SEO Copywriting

A SEO copywriter can design your web content, optimise the semantics, precisely create or adapt while always respecting the style of your communication.

SEO in your choice of languages

Your responsive website referencing can be designed in English, French or Spanish or any other languages thanks to your SEO network.

Advice and web communication tracking throughout the year

SEO follows the lines of your communication. Your site must remain alive and your business must constantly inform your audience of your news and new content. Your MIC swiss SEO will be available to advise you in the creation of your media and optimisation , but also to show you the most relevant adaptation to your competitors positioning and the latest changes in Google algorithms .
My Image Concept can be present as a watch dog and annual monitoring guard: targeting performance with an economy of means adapted to your goals of visibility and traffic., based in Lausanne, works with agencies and companies in Switzerland as well as internationally. Your seo specialist in Switzerland

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